Manjit Singh came to Britain in 1977 and was inspired from an early age by his weightlifter uncle's feats. Manjit starts his meditation training at 6.00am every day, without any weight lifting. As Manjit Singh says
" Its is all mind over matter. If you look at me, I am not a big guy, but meditation helps me to control my thoughts and concentrate , it is a great help to the body. I wake up every single day at 6am , no matter what time I went to bed the night before. I then sit on my own, quietly, and clear my mind of all thoughts and concentrate only on my goal " Manjit was a police man in India untill 1977 when he got married and settled down here in Britain, to start his family, all of whom have also performed many feats. His eldest daughter Gulninder went into the record books - with a single strand of hair able to withstand a 225g weight. His youngest daughter was only nine when she attenpted to pull two cars with her pony tail on the Big Breakfast.

Manjit says that as a young boy he once wrestled a poisonous snake with his bare hands in the forest around Bharta, the villiage in Punjab (Punjab means "the land of Five rivers" ) in India. Manjit says " Once when I was 13, I held a snake by the neck in my hand. I would always do things my friends dared me to do




The ironman managed to drag the aircraft nearly 4m – using just clamps and rope.

And his secret? He said: 'It is about controlling your mind and, physically, you must be strong as well.'

The stunt at East Midlands Airport, Derby, was the latest bizarre record attempt by the 57-year-old, who claims to have achieved 30 world records.

Although he finally got the 7.5tonne Jetairstream 41 passenger plane moving, Mr Singh admitted he was worried he might not be strong enough.